Samsung launches rugged G-series external HDDs

Samsung sees portable storage as the next big thing. Expecting teens to be carrying around buckets of HD movie files and anthologies of digital music, the company has launched a rugged series of external HDDs that the kids of today can drop and cover in fizzy pop to their heart's delight.

The range consists of 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch attractively designed units and those launched at CES 2010 are the two larger sizes - the G2 Portable in 250/320/500/640GB and G3 Station at 1/1.5/2TB densities.

The G3 features a smart power mode where the computer can switch it off, if not in use, and it also runs at 95% less power consumption than standard units.

They're out in the next couple of weeks and the top-end models of each category will come in at $199.