If you're feeling the pinch after the Christmas spending spree, or perhaps just fed up with the poor battery life that your current smartphone gives you Carphone Warehouse is currently offering a few budget efforts that might sort you out.

Bottom of the pile (or perhaps top depending on your outlook) are the LG GB102 and Alcatel OT303 - although it's difficult to know what to say about these two other than they'll make calls and send texts.

In terms of specs the fact that under "Top Features" vibration alert is mentioned gives you an idea of what you're getting. Still, the LG GB102 will only set you back £4.99 (with the obligatory £10 top-up) whilst the Alcatel is just £9.99 - a bargain to say the least.

There are a few other "higher-end" models - relatively speaking - on the site so make sure you have a rummage, so for budget bliss simply click on this link which will whisk you away to the site.