Today's "Countdown to Christmas" deal is really one to make the most of after Christmas Day, but it's seems like such a good deal, we though we'd let you in on it early, after all, if you're still Christmas shopping today, you'll need more than our help to pull it off.

Of interest to those of you looking for a new mobile - specifically a Palm Pre, or an excuse to buy one - from the 26th to the 31 January, Carphone Warehouse is offering two free return flights to 15 destinations throughout Europe (such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin or Barcelona) when you buy a Palm Pre.

It appears that the offer only applies to those who are willing to sign up to a 24-month O2 contract, but if you were planning to do so anyway, this could be the deal of the year.

You can find full terms and conditions and details of how to apply for the offer via this link, but we'd recommend taking a look at our full review first - just so you know what you can expect from the webOS phone.