The "Clarkson Duel App" is now available on the App Store offering iPhone and iPod touch users the opportunity to test their petrol-head credentials against Jeremy Clarkson.

Designed to promote-slash-compliment Clarkson's latest Christmas cash-in DVD, "Clarkson Duel", the app offers various games including the "Make & Model" quiz that sees users having to identify cars in photos against the clock.

There's also the "Samba Sling" (see how far you can sling the Samba using your finger and a catapult) and "Duel Cars" (swot up on the stats of top cars from Clarkson Duel and see what Jeremy has to say about them).

There's also a trailer for the Duel DVD with a click-through-to-buy option, making the £1.19 (or $1.99) purchase price slightly cheeky.