With Christmas Day fast approaching and work, for a great deal of us, unrelenting up until Christmas Eve, it's very possible that some of your festive shopping has fallen by the way side - all those plans you made last Christmas to be more organised disappearing like a first-rate Christmas lunch.

If this applies to you, Ebuyer.com is promising next-day delivery on 23 December right up until 11pm. Yes, it may well mean that you have to pull off a Father Christmas impression on the night of the 24th, but all going well the gift should be under the tree for Christmas Day.

For the privilege of leaving it so late Ebuyer will charge £9.99 for the next day service - in the event it doesn't arrive on time the company will refund the shipping as well as give you free delivery on your next order.

The choice of products is pretty good on the site with what appears to be some decent discounts coming in the form of Ebuyer's "Sale Of The Decade" - be sure to let us know in the comments if it really is.

For a full run down of the products available just follow this link to the ebuyer site.