It's official, Microsoft has totally lost the plot and the evidence is above with a top ten countdown series of videos from a painfully "wacky" Microsoft bod, Michael Gannotti a "technology specialist" for the Corporation, promoing Windows Phone apps.

We mean no disrespect, but really, a backwards, "I'm a PC" baseball cap and a Twitter tee on a middle-aged Microsoft exec? Is this really the best Microsoft can do to promote its mobile phone software store?

If you're toying with pressing play, prepare yourself for drumrolls, silly voices, big hand gestures, far too much cheesy enthusiasm coupled with production values that make most YouTube vids look like Hollywood blockbusters.

There's going to be ten of these videos, apparently (this is number eight) but we can assure you it's the only one we'll be watching.

We may be missing something here (is this another deliberately awful effort from the software giant?) but we suspect that we're not, and if this is all Redmond has to fire at the likes of Apple and Android then the apps battle has been won, at least as far as image goes.