Pioneer has revealed a new iPod speaker dock that it's making much of. The new XW-NAS5 iPod speaker system appears to be a high-end effort priced at around the £450 mark.

"Enjoy your music in full colour", says Pioneer, claiming the "warmest acoustics, the clearest highs and bass that lingers".

Specs include a 10cm down-firing subwoofer, a double-frame, sealed structure, two 15W + 15W front speakers and Pioneer's "Advanced Sound Retriever" that claims to upscale the quality of compressed audio.

Other features include an integrated FM tuner and LED clock complete with snooze, wake-up and sleep functions and the ability to stream music with the help of a Bluetooth adaptor.

Available in a choice of four metallic-finish colours, red, black, silver or white, and complete with a credit card remote control, the XW-NAS5 is on sale now.