A team from Georgia Tech has created what could be the ultimate pet. A robotic hamster. Inspired by the awesome robotic hamster proposed by XKCD, the team took a hamster ball, and stuck a computer inside it.

To be more precise, an eBox-2300 nettop PC which has been modded with the addition of wheels and batteries. Oh, and the team used a ferret ball instead of a hamster one - turns out hamsters are a little on the small side when compared with a computer.

The cute lil' thing can be directed around with a Wiimote hooked up to a computer nearby, but the controls are over Wi-Fi, so it'd be possible to control the device remotely over the Web.

Oh, and if you want to make your own, then there's a project page where the schematics and software have been shared by Stuart Donnan and Jacob Nieman - the creators of the robot. Just don't make too many - we don't want them breeding and taking over the world now, do we?