Pocket-lint has teamed up with video news site TechVi to bring you a weekly show analysing the biggest stories of the week.

In this week's edition, we discuss the massive leak of HTC's roadmap for 2010, consisting of five Android handsets (yet to be given commercial names) and three Windows Mobile devices. The star of the show appears to be the Bravo, which packs a 1GHz processor and huge OLED display.

We also talked about the winners of the Pocket-lint awards, which took place on 7 December. Spotify took home the Gadget of the Year award, and the HTC Hero performed well too, winning in the Best Mobile Phone category.

Lastly, Nokia is pulling out of the premium retail market in London's Regent Street, closing its flagship shop close to the Apple Store and opting to "crystallize its branded retail strategy" instead. Who knows what that means when translated from corporate buzz-speak?

If there's any stories you'd like us to pay attention to for next week, do drop us a line in the comments.