Google has rolled out further integration of the real-time web into its search results, following the addition of Twitter status updates back in October.

Content from Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku and is being added, all of which will appear in a "Latest results for..." box at the top of the search results for whatever you're looking for. Real-time data should be available seconds after it's posted.

You can click on the "Latest results" link to view an entire page of this data, which can then be filtered to just updates from microblogging services like Twitter and FriendFeed. Access to the latest results data will also be available on the iPhone and Android on their browsers.

Lastly, Google will be rolling out "hot topics" to Google Trends to try and capture some of the zeitgeist of what people are talking about at any given time. With that improvement, and a few others, Google says that it's bringing Trends out of Labs, making it a full-time product.