This year’s hottest gadgets have been announced at the 6th Vodafone Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, letting consumers know exactly what the best gadgets, gizmos and tech is from 2009. 

The votes cast by over 50 experts from tech and mainstream publications like Engadget, Gizmodo, Sky News, and many more from around the world, combined with a public vote, show that the products that have won are the best in their class. 

So who won what?

Best Music Gadget 2009 saw tough competition between the Sonos S5 ZonePlayer and the latest iPod touch from Apple. While the experts and the public disagreed in their voting, Apple was victorious nudging Sonos out in the public vote, with the iPod touch (3rd gen) MP3 player to be crowned Best Music Gadget 2009. 

In the car, the Best GPS goes to the TomTom XL Live, while the Best Game 2009 title goes to the hugely popular and successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Best Digital Camera 2009 is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, showing that the experts have warmed to a Digital SLR without the SLR element. It beat off competition from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fujifilm to take the top spot. 

The end of the netbook's dominance could be upon us if our experts have anything to say about these things. Apple’s decision in 2009 to release a 13-inch MacBook Pro was also the right one as it takes the Best Laptop 2009 award. 

When it comes to software, service or app there is only one contender. Scoring streets ahead of the rest of the crowd in both the expert and public vote, Spotify takes Best Software 2009. 

In Best Home Cinema Gadget 2009, Sony PlayStation fought off tough competition from Philips and its new Cinema 21:9 screen and although it scored well, the new slimmer, thinner, smaller PS3 for its Blu-ray, iPlayer, and gaming features was deemed the better of the two in the final vote. 

Best Gadget 2009 saw lacklustre support for the Sony Reader suggesting the judges believe we aren’t quite there for ebook readers, with the Eye-Fi, recently released in the UK, which allows you to stream pictures from your camera to a computer or internet service over a wireless network, taking the top prize. 

Best Phone 2009 was again the tough class this year, with Apple’s iPhone again losing out in the expert vote. Although strong support came from the Apple faithful in the public vote it wasn’t enough to stop the HTC Hero being crowned best handset in 2009. 

Product of the Year 2009 was a tough race with just a few points between the two top products, silver goes to the HTC Hero while the award goes to Spotify

Best Car Gadget: TomTom XL Live

Best Digital Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

Best Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch

Best Software: Spotify

Best Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Best Home Cinema Gadget: PS3 Slim

Best Mobile Phone: HTC Hero

Best Gadget: Eye-Fi

Product of the Year: Spotify

Over 50 experts judged the awards with their vote counting for 90% of the total score. To this, votes were added by the public, which accounted for the remaining 10%. Voting numbers where also taken into account to stop any one product getting more votes than any other.  

There were two expert lists - a public list and a "black ops" list for journalists unable to show public support.


Amy-Mae Elliott - 

Andrew 'Spode' Miller - Freelance  

Andrew Lim -  

Ben Cohen - ITN  

Ben Crompton -  

Chris Davies -  

Chris Hall -  

Chris Haslam - Freelance  

Dan Sung -  

David Phelan - Freelance  

Doug Harman - Freelance  

Duncan Geere -  

Ernest Doku -  

Gary Cutlack - Freelance  

Gordon Kelly -  

Guy Cocker -  

Hugo Jobling -  

Ian Williams - The Inquirer  

James Holland -  

Jamie Carter - Freelance  

Jonathan Weinberg - The Sun  

Leila Makki -  

Libby Plummer - Home Cinema Choice  

Linsey Fryatt -  

Martin Stanford - Sky News  

Neil Queen - Freelance  

Nigel Kendall - The Times  

Richard Lai - Engadget  

Ross Burridge - iGizmo  

Sean Hannam - ERT  

Steve O'Hear -  

Susi Weaser - Fixation Video  

Vladislav Savov - Engadget  

Will Head - Fixation Video  

Zara Rabinowicz - Freelance


Ben Bowers -

Eric Reagan -  

Eric Zeman -  

John Herrman -  

John Biggs -  

Mark Harris - Freelance  

Paul Miller - Engadget  

Randall Bennet -  


Lars-Göran Nilsson - Freelance  


Nickolay Turubar - Itogi magazine  

United Arab Emirates

Scott Snowden - Freelance  


Angel Jimenez - El Mondo

If we told you then it wouldn't be "black ops" would it?