Asus has dropped us word of its latest Eee Box, the 1501. The Eee box series are nettops - tiny, cheap, relatively low-power machines that are designed as secondary computers (perhaps for use in a media centre setup) or for those who don't use their machine very much.

The 1501, Asus reckons, is one of the world's smallest computers that features both a dedicated Nvidia ION graphics chip (most nettops have less-powerful integrated graphics) and an optical drive for DVD playback. It can also output full 1080p from an HDMI-out port.

Elsewhere in the spec sheet, there's a dual core Intel Atom 330 processor, 2GB of memory (expandable to 4), a 250GB hard drive, 5.1 speaker support, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port. It comes with Windows 7, an upscaler and a built in IPTV player, and can be either mounted on the back of a monitor or on its stand.

The device claims to be 50% quieter than most desktop PCs, and has 70% less power consumption to boot. It measures 193 x 193 x 39mm, which is 1.5L of volume. It costs £340 and is available now.