The humble computer mouse, admittedly not the most exciting piece of tech out there, but pretty essential, unless your an absolute whiz at navigating with the keyboard.

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse is one such device and is available at for a pretty reasonable £24.99. Reviewed in October it was given a price tag of £34.99 so seeing a third off in just a month seems non too shabby.

The specs include battery life of around 10 months along with a handy indicator so you know when it's time to swap them over, 4-way scrolling and 4 customisable buttons.

The transceiver, which enables the wireless functionality, slots into the mouse for easy transport and as the device comes with Microsoft's BlueTrack tech, it should work effectively on a variety of worktops such as granite, wood or carpet.

There is a full review which goes into a more detail regarding usability and there are a variety of colours to choose from at, so if you're interested click through on this link which will take you to the deal.