It warms the cockles of this journalist's heart to see that there are still people out there who just want to go faster and faster, just because they can. I'm not talking about boy racers in their Citroen Saxos making a nuisance of themselves on British roads though.

Meet Bloodhound. This latest British effort to break the land speed record is all about the numbers:

135,000 horsepower.

3 engines.

3G - the forces experienced by its driver, Wing Commander Andy Green.

Oh and 1000mph.


But what's best about this project is that there is a point to it, beyond just saying that it's the fastest car that's ever been made. The Bloodhound project will share its technical research with over 25,000 UK schools already enrolled in its education programme. That means those numbers will have a real relevance and might just inspire the next generation of engineers.

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