We know that publishing giant Conde Nast is taking the idea of an Apple iTablet so seriously it's already prepping content for the as-yet-unofficial platform, and here Conde Nast title Wired shows off a preview of what the mag might look like on the rumoured iPad.

The concept video shows Wired's iTablet app complete with animated, interactive graphics as well as the scrolling text, flippable pages and landscape or portrait options you'd expect from an ebook reader.

Is Conde Nast showing its desperation over the dying print industry and grasping at straws by taking the time and trouble to mock-up content for an arguably imaginary device, or is it a forward thinking trail blazer with an eye to the future?

Hit play on the video above now (watch out for the eye-wateringly bad electronic music if you're in a public place) then have your say in the comments box below...