If you're in the market for a PAYG phone then you could do a lot worse than heading over to Orange, who are offering some free gifts along with your phone purchase.

The free gifts include the main event - a pair of Skull Candy headphones - along with 5 minutes worth of free international calls - perhaps good for that quick call to an overseas aunt and 30 free photo messages. You'll also get some free downloads for games, ringtones, etc... and some bits that you probably won't want, such as a yo-yo and card wallet.

The offer includes handsets ranging from £30 and up so examples of phones available come in the form of the Alcatel OT-708, the middle of the range LG Cookie, through to the Nokia 5800, which will set you back £205.

This link will take you through to the Orange website where you can take a look at all the phones on offer. After you've picked your phone you'll have to choose the animal-related PAYG plan that you want and how you want it delivered, which thankfully includes a free option.