An enterprising games programmer named Eric Ruth has built a NES-style 8-bit demake of last year's zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead. It's being announced on the same date as the official sequel to the title, but won't be available until 4 January 2010.

It runs in 256 x 240 resolution and features 16 colours and four sound channels. Characters can move in four directions, and all special infected are present. The first mission - No Mercy is complete, and other levels are currently in progress. There's no official blessing of Valve - the original game's creators - but they generally take a fairly relaxed view of fan creations like this.

All the original four campaigns will be present in the final release of the title, and all coding, debugging, SFX, music and art have been done by Eric Ruth. Quite a bit of work, and judging by the video above, executed admirably. There's a brief playthrough report on the Web, but stay tuned for more details. If you can't wait, then try out similar Left 4k Dead.