The news that Sainsbury's is cutting the price of the 120GB PS3 Slim by 20% - now available for £200 - is admittedly pretty widespread, but the fact that it's a pretty decent offer, and just in case you weren't aware, meant that it deserved a slot.

A quick look, however, on the Sainsbury's website will show that Sony's sought after console is now out of stock. Your best bet, therefore, is to click on the "email me when in stock" button, so you can be right there to order when it comes back in.

If you simply can't wait, we had a look around and the next best deal seems to be from Tesco -  selling its 120GB PS3 Slim with Fifa 10 for £249. Obviously only suitable if you were going down the Fifa route anyway, the deal means you'll be around a tenner down on the Sainsbury's offer - with Fifa being sold separately for £40.

Click here for the Sainsbury's deal if you're of a patient disposition and don't mind waiting, alternatively there's a link here to the Tesco deal. Before you make a your decision, however, you might want to click through to our full review of the PS3 Slim, which received a whopping 9/10 score.