Daily Tech Deal: £60 cashback on iPhone contracts with O2 or Orange

Since the iPhone, where to get it and what tariff to choose seems to be the hot topic of the moment, we thought we'd guide any would-be contract signers to a deal that Quidco is running.

The cashback website Quidco has teamed up with Mobiles.co.uk to offer a discounted rate on all iPhone handsets, meaning that all Quidco members will get a £60 cashback when arranging an 18- or 24-month contract with either Orange or O2.

In order to give you a run down of the exact tariffs from each operator, Pocket-lint has collated all the info in our feature - Best iPhone tariffs: O2 vs Orange. You'll then be in a good position to pop over and join Quidco before heading over to Mobiles.co.uk.