Q-Acoustics has announced its Q-TV2s, a novel speaker system for televisions that improves the sound experience from your flatscreen, while not requiring an external amplifier and saving considerable space. How? Well, it mounts on the back of your display.

It connects up via RCA or headphone jack and provides 2.1 stereo sound which it reckons is considerably better than what the TV will put out by default, offering better treble, more dynamics, and a whole lot more bass. Most impressively, it manages that while still being just 38mm deep.

For the more technical amongst you, the left and right channel sound comes from four wide-dispersion balanced-mode radiator 25W speakers, with the subwoofer (which actually comprises of four individual subs) packing 50W of juice. The L and R are swivelable (if that's a word) and there's an option that works with wall-mounted TVs too.

It'll suit 30 to 42-inch televisions, and is available right now from Amazon UK for £300.