Apple is rumoured to be testing some prototypes of a next-generation iPhone that includes an RFID reader built in. According to Einar Rosenberg, who runs LinkedIn's Near Field Communications group, "the reaction was very positive that we can expect this in the next gen iPhone".

We're a little skeptical. Not that Apple is testing RFID in iPhones, after all - it's patented the idea, but that it'll be showing up in the next iPhone in June 2010. On the one hand, near-field communications is a growing industry, but on the other hand there's relatively few places you can use it right now (outside of the Oyster Card system on the London tube network).

Rosenberg posits that it could be used to link iPhones to Macs for syncing purposes, which is possible. We think it's more likely, though, that this is an extension of Apple's new iPod-touch based purchasing systems for Apple store staffers, and could make its way into a more enterprise-targeted product.

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Note: The embedded video above is from the Touch Project's iPhone RFID Demonstration - it's not an Apple video.