Movember is upon us once again. If you've signed up to grow a mo, bully for you, you're the  man's man, but what style should you grow your new friend in, and what is going to be the best one to suit your style?

Depending on where you look and who you talk to, there are a plethora of options available to you.

Movember lists 14 different styles, while the American Moustache Institute claims one less at 13. Tacheback, another "Tache" charity run in September claims just 7.

Here are our 10 you should consider:

The Chevron

Growing style: A thick and wide moustache, usually worn long to cover the top border of the upper lip

Who wears it?: Businessmen, army officers, your dad in the 70s

Ridicule factor: 4/10 Pretty low, this is the easiest one to grow and get away with

Face shape: Square face

Movember growing difficulty: 2/10

The Fu Manchu

Growing style: A moustache that begins on the upper lip and whose whiskers are grown very long to extend down each side of the mouth down to the jaw. The areas beyond the corner of your mouth are shaven so the hair hangs down past your chin

Who wears it?: Ming the Merciless, Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, any Kung Fu master

Ridicule factor: 8/10 Pretty high, unless you can walk the walk and talk the talk

Face shape: Long face

Movember growing difficulty: 8/10

The Handlebar

Growing style: Horizontal in its nature it looks just like the handlebars of a bicycle. The ends must be worn long enough to curl them upwards

Who wears it?: Old army majors, anyone from the 19th Century

Ridicule factor: 7/10 Unless you are wearing a smoking jacket and carrying a pipe in which case it drops to 1/10

Face shape: Square or round face

Movember growing difficulty: 6/10

The Horseshoe

Growing style: Looks like a goatee without the chin element and differs from the Fu Manchu as you don't let it hang. This is stuck to your face all the way

Who wears it?: Dude from the Village People, John Travolta, Hulk Hogan, Ben Stiller in Dodgeball

Ridicule factor: 5/10 It's a fairly easy one to grow and if you're cheating you can hide it with a goatee until the last minute

Face shape: Square or long face

Movember growing difficulty: 6/10

The Painter's Brush

Growing style: As the name suggests a thick moustache covering the width of the mouth, usually worn short, with slightly rounded corners

Who wears it?: Most moustache growing dudes growing for Movember

Ridicule factor: 4/10

Face shape: Square or round face

Movember growing difficulty: 1/10 Even easier than the Chevron, chances are this is what you are going to grow for most of the month

The Toothbrush/Dictator

Growing style: Looks like a toothbrush under your nose

Who wears it?: Robert Mugabe, Adolf Hilter, your average tyrant

Ridicule factor: 10/10 You'll look like a idiot and no one will want to be your friend, unless they happen to be a egotistical megalomaniac.

Face shape: Square, round or long face

Movember growing difficulty: 1/10 You'll be able to get it up and running on the first day

The Pencil

Growing style: Thin, pencil thin, mo that's been trimmed narrow

Who wears it?: Errol Flynn, Brad Pitt, film director John Walters

Ridicule factor: 9/10 Unless you look like Brad Pitt in which case 8/10

Face shape: Round face

Movember growing difficulty: 3/10 Pretty easy although it takes a lot of upkeep

The Walrus

Style: Big and bushy mo that you let grow out of control

Who wears it?: Stalin, anyone trying to grow a mo for a moustache competition

Ridicule factor: 6/10 But only if you are over 40, else 8/10

Face shape: Square face

Movember growing difficulty: 6/10 easy, but only if you're one hairy dude

The Sanchez

Style: Interestingly not an accepted moustache by the American Moustache Institute, it is worn across the top of your lip down to the creases in your smile, normally thin

Who wears it?: Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, Cool people

Ridicule factor: 6/10 But if you're cool 1/10

Face shape: Square or round face

Movember growing difficulty: 8/10

The Lamo

Style: This is one for those who struggle to grow facial hair at all and is the result of growing anything you can under your nose

Who wears it?: People who never have to shave, anyone doing Movember in the first week

Ridicule factor: 10/10 You'll have to wear a badge saying you are doing it for charity to save being the butt of every joke going

Face shape: Square, round or long face

Movember growing difficulty: 1/10 This is first day embrassment stuff