Gosh, Sony Ericsson has done quite a job on the interface for its forthcoming "Rachael" Android handset. The bulk of the additions seem to be targeted at the multimedia end of the operating system, which, as Engadget points out, has always been a little on the meagre side.

There's a tinge of blue about everything, and some very Zune-influenced menus and interface choices. Lots of big pictures of artists too, which we hope are sourced from the Web, otherwise our patchy ID3 tags will be exposed. The title of the video also betrays the screen resolution that the device is getting - a roomy 480 x 854.

So we've got a good look at the interface, and a good look at the outside of the device, all that's left is a full reveal of the handset - something that we should be getting imminently. We'll keep you posted.