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  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    YouView from TalkTalk review

    By 24 December 2012

    YouView - for those unfamiliar - is a TV service that wraps up digital Freeview channels with online catchup services such as BBC iPlayer and plenty more. TalkTalk's YouView service - as offered through its Plus TV package - includes the Huawei version...

  • Apps

    Hands-on: YouView Remote Record iOS App review (Dec 2012)

    By 19 December 2012

    It's no secret that YouView - the on-demand TV service set-top box - has sparked mixed reactions, but the service looks to be expanding by tagging extra controls beyond its at-home experience. Announced just as 2012 comes to a close, YouView Remote Record...

  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    YouView from BT review

    By 5 December 2012

    YouView comes in several flavours. You can walk into a shop on the high street and pick up the YouView box and plug it into your existing aerial and internet connection, or you can buy as part of a wider package. We've already reviewed the hardware, so...

  • Online

    YouView by BT pictures and hands-on

    By 8 October 2012

    There's a good chance you're already confused by YouView. The service is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to get current and catch-up TV in one box with minimal fuss, but the multiple versions on offer will leave you with a decision to...

  • Online

    TalkTalk YouView pictures and hands-on

    By 27 September 2012

    When YouView landed in its plain vanilla form we were whelmed. Not overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, just plain, regular whelmed. And that was because, although the user interface was pretty, and the box seemed to work well in its PVR duties, it was not an...

  • Home Cinema 2.5 out of 5

    Humax DTR-T1000 YouView PVR review

    By 31 July 2012

    YouView is one of the most complicated products ever to launch. It's not so much technically difficult to do what has been done here, but it involves a lot of what, in management terms, are known as "stakeholders". Namely, the people who have a vested...

  • Gaming

    Hands-on: Now TV review

    By 16 July 2012

    Forget Netflix, forget LoveFilm, Sky wants Now TV to be the service you choose when it comes to streaming movies online to your computer, phone, games console, or set top box. But is the new service "powered by Sky" good enough to impress? We had a quick...

  • Home Cinema

    YouView pictures and hands-on

    By 4 July 2012

    Pocket-lint first wrote about Project Canvas, YouView's orginal working title, in 2009, and Project Kangaroo, a former failed attempt by the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV to offer a unified on-demand service, in 2007, so to say that YouView has suffered a few...