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    YotaPhone 2 pictures and hands on

    By 24 February 2014

    Yota Devices released the YotaPhone - a smartphone that features a AMOLED display on one side and an e-paper screen on the other side - only towards the end of last year but the company has already presented the next-generation YotaPhone at MWC. Although...

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    Hands-on: YotaPhone review

    By 4 December 2013

    Yota Devices has announced that the YotaPhone is now on sale, offering the best of both - but we don't mean Hovis. Instead, meet the device that brings the smartphone and eBook reader together. We first saw the YotaPhone at CES 2013 and our first impressions...

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    Yota Devices YotaPhone dual-screen smartphone meets eBook reader pictures and hands-on

    By 14 December 2012

    Russia: the first country to send a man into space, and now Yota Devices - a Russian firm little known outside of the Motherland - is set to be the first to launch a dual-screen smartphone - codename YotaPhone - to the market. The YotaPhone is an Android...