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  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    South Park: The Stick of Truth review

    By 7 March 2014

    If Mortal Kombat was offensive in its day then surely South Park: The Stick of Truth is 2014’s coup for the crown. But not so much because of blood, guts ’n’ gore. Instead The Stick of Truth takes the turn-based role-playing genre, douses it with...

  • Gaming

    Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes preview: Playtime with the prologue to Phantom Pain

    By 6 March 2014

    When Konami showed a demo of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain during E3 in June last year, there was little doubt that it would be a significant refresh of the entire franchise. For a start, Kiefer Sutherland takes on the role of Solid Snake - controversially...

  • Gaming 3.5 out of 5

    Thief review

    By 28 February 2014

    Thief in 2014 reboots a much loved gaming franchise that was born over 15 years ago. It’s been ten long years since the last title in the series, and in the time since there are inevitably great swathes of punters who either don't know or, perhaps,...

  • Gaming

    South Park: The Stick of Truth preview

    By 15 February 2014

    It takes less than a week to create an episode of South Park, the rude, crude animated TV comedy. But South Park: The Stick of Truth is quite a different story; a game that has been on a rocky production road and missed its 2013 scheduled release date...

  • Gaming

    Titanfall preview: First play of Beta - Attrition, Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing modes (video)

    By 12 February 2014

    Behold the game of 2014. Titanfall has been lauded by eager praise ever since its non-playable debut during the E3 trade show last June. And with each public outing since, the admiration has grown ever larger by those who have been lucky enough to...

  • Gadgets

    Hands-on: Mega Bloks Call of Duty Collector Construction Sets review

    By 4 November 2013

    As the gaming world prepare for the new Call Of Duty Ghosts, Mega Bloks has released a collection of Call of Duty construction sets for you to build so you can carry on playing when you're not in front of your console. The new sets, based on the franchise,...

  • Gaming

    Rocksmith 2014 isn't just a game, it's a teaching revolution: We go clumsy hands-on

    By 19 September 2013

    When we walked into the Gibson studios to have a go on Rocksmith 2014 we expected an awkward press event. What we saw was a room full of beer, pizza, hair, black clothes and more hair. Feeling suitably comfortable in a rock environment we got our demos...

  • Gaming

    Xbox One hands-on video: 360 vs The One

    By 19 September 2013

    As excited as we are about the Xbox One, we can't help but feel somewhat sad, because the console that has served us (mostly) brilliantly for the past eight years - one console lost to the red ring - and we're going to miss it. So, while we had our non-working...

  • Gaming 3.5 out of 5

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist review

    By 27 August 2013

    From the moment the disc was sucked into our PS3 console, Splinter Cell: Blacklist did its damnedest to keep us enshrouded in the on-screen action. But far from the promise of a stealth title, Blacklist intros with the rip-roar of guns blazing in a US...

  • Gaming

    Xbox One hands-on video: Meet the new controller

    By 22 August 2013

    You could argue until the sun goes down and the cows come home about which console controller is the best. What is hard to argue with, is that the Xbox 360's controller is an extremely capable device. It suits larger hands well, it's comfortable and feels...

  • Gaming

    Titanfall Gamescom 2013 preview: We finally get a chance to go hands-on

    By 21 August 2013

    At every video games exhibition or conference there is always a game that is like Breaking Bad, in that those who have seen it won't shut up about it. At Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, that game is Titanfall. While it was officially announced at E3...

  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Disney Infinity Starter Pack review

    By 18 August 2013

    "You're a toy!" shouts Woody to Buzz Lightyear in the 1995 classic movie Toy Story, which stars toys that are alive - despite their young owners having no idea. It's one of those movies that touches upon the childhood imagination. Disney Infinity taps...

  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Xbox 360 (2013) review

    By 14 August 2013

    When Microsoft shed light on the next-generation Xbox One at the E3 gaming trade show earlier this year it simultaneously announced that it was revamping the current-generation Xbox 360 too. Despite 2013 being the launch platform for next-gen, current-gen...

  • Gaming

    Hands-on: Xbox One and Xbox 360 (2013) together at last

    By 13 August 2013

    When Microsoft announced that it's new Xbox One console wouldn't have backward compatibility, it had to decide what to do with the Xbox 360. The answer, it turns out, was to redesign it to look like the Xbox One, to make it part of the family. Microsoft...

  • Gaming

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay preview: First play

    By 11 July 2013

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the latest in the Tom Clancy's franchise, continues the third-person stealth-meets-shooter series in a similar vein to the previous Conviction title. Pocket-lint got a play of Blacklist ahead of its 20 August release date. Does...