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    Xbox One review

    By 20 November 2013

    The two factions of the next-gen console war have laid out their lines, Sony PlayStation 4 on one side, Microsoft Xbox One on the other. Only the lucky few, or very dedicated, will be able to afford both, continuing the gaming stand-off that's been running...

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    Xbox One hands-on video: 360 vs The One

    By 19 September 2013

    As excited as we are about the Xbox One, we can't help but feel somewhat sad, because the console that has served us (mostly) brilliantly for the past eight years - one console lost to the red ring - and we're going to miss it. So, while we had our non-working...

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    Xbox One hands-on video: Meet the new controller

    By 22 August 2013

    You could argue until the sun goes down and the cows come home about which console controller is the best. What is hard to argue with, is that the Xbox 360's controller is an extremely capable device. It suits larger hands well, it's comfortable and feels...

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    Xbox One hands-on video: We examine the hardware

    By 21 August 2013

    There aren't any fully-working Xbox One consoles for review just yet, we're a while off that, but Microsoft did let us get some time with a "non-working" sample. Although, we have a feeling that this console would have worked if we'd had a power adaptor...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    Gears of War: Judgment review

    By 20 March 2013

    For many, Gears of War was the reason they bought an Xbox. The game boasted amazing graphics, an eye-catching cast and third-person cover mechanics quite unlike anything else. Now, on the eve of the Xbox 360's demise, the Gears gang has returned for one...

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    Gears of War: Judgment hands-on preview: First level and multiplayer tested

    By 15 February 2013

    Gears Of War is one of the staples of any Xbox 360 gamer’s diet. The chunky-footed heroes have been bumbling about on screen, shaky cam in tow, since the Xbox 360 still had its training wheels on. The last Gears of War was, without spoiling things,...