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    Hands-on: WowWee MiP balancing robot review (video)

    By 22 January 2014

    The WowWee MiP is the latest robot from the makers of the Robosapien and this time comes with two wheels to whizz around your living room, listening to your commands or instructions. We caught up with the new robot to have a play at the London Toy Fair....

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    WowWee RoboMe: iPhone controlled robot that lets you call home

    By 13 February 2013

    WowWee is to launch a new robot this year called the RoboMe, a robot that allows you to give it some personality by plugging in your iPhone or iPod touch to double as the face. The new toy, which is expected some time over the summer, will work perfectly...

  • Online

    Light Strike from WowWee: Laser Quest returns

    By 6 July 2011

    Remember Laser Quest, or if you’re even geekier Photon? Well the youth of today will get their chance to have the same memories you once had thanks to WowWee, the company behind Paper Jamz and Robosapiens. It’s about to launch a new laser based game...

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    Electronic Test Tube Aliens hands-on

    By 2 February 2011

    After a meagre outing last time around, Wild Planet and WowWee's Electronic Test Tube Aliens are back, and this time they're even more evil. They want to enslave the human race, and kids are encouraged to interrogate them to find out the details of their...

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    Paper Jamz Pro Guitar, Microphone and Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar hands-on

    By 2 February 2011

    WowWee's Paper Jamz range of toy guitars were a major success in the back end of 2010. Not too expensive, they allowed wannabe rockstars the chance to strum along to some choons, without the need for the intricate gamer skillset or console equipment required...

  • Online 3.5 out of 5

    Paper Jamz review

    By 23 August 2010

    There used to be a time when you could get away strumming your heart out to an air guitar to get you through a bored weekend, but today's punk rock kids want something gadgety. In steps the Paper Jamz guitar, a string-less, paper replica of a guitar...

  • Gadgets 3.5 out of 5

    Roboraptor toy robot review

    By 17 August 2005

    Last year the NASA scientists at Wow Wee created the Robosapien. A pot plant-sized biped robot that roamed around entertaining while spending its time doing robot things. Hoping to continue the success into Christmas 2005, the company has developed the...

  • Gadgets 4 out of 5

    Robosapien toy robot review

    By 12 May 2004

    A fast moving robot, designed by a NASA scientist, playful enough for kids and advanced enough for adults, what else would Robospaien be? Additionally the robot reacts intuitively to the surrounding environment and then can respond to human interaction...