Winter Olympics 2006


Raleigh reinvent the Chopper for the 2006 World Cup

By 3 March 2006

Retro fans of the world delight! The Chopper is heading back to a street near you. Raleigh are launching a World Cup 2006 Chopper in support of England's football campaign over in Germany. Officially the 70s icon was reborn in 2004, although I can't really... >>

Give cyclists room and rights

By 2 March 2006

It's an argument that will never be resolved, unless you're German, of course: cyclists on the road. Everyone keeps telling us to exercise more. Everyone is telling us to stop using our cars. Everyone is telling us that cycling is a great low-impact form... >>

Golf - on a Segway?

By 28 February 2006

The guys at Segway are obviously looking to expand in to new areas - and are looking to golfers around the world. At one point whenever you mentioned Segway, you'd start a discussion about how walking was going to be a thing on the past, and within a... >>

Winter Olympics round-up so far

By 22 February 2006

As the Winter Games continue into the second week, we thought it was time to report on the progress so far. The medal table is currently being topped by Germany, with 9 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze medals, followed by Austria, hot favourites for the maximum... >>

Poles for Boarders? Surely not

Poles for Boarders? Surely not

By 14 February 2006

If there is one thing that the snowboarder like mocking, it's poles. Afterall, boarders prove that you can do it all without the silly sticks. (I have been curtly reminded that a person on a snowboard is actually a rider, not a boarder. A boarder is someone... >>

It is the Olympics - didn't you know?

By 9 February 2006

With the nation talking about England's chances in the World Cup and the latest 6 Nations results, you might be surprised to learn that the Winter Olympic Games opens tomorrow, in Turin, Italy. Great Britain has a 40-strong team heading out to the games.... >>