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  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review

    By 21 February 2014

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is proof positive that 2D platformers still have a place in modern gaming. It is, quite simply, a superb platform title and a much needed one for the Wii U. The return of Donkey Kong might not necessarily reinvigorate...

  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Super Mario 3D World review

    By 3 December 2013

    Super Mario 3D World was released on the same day as the PlayStation 4 made its bow in the UK - but the famous Italian plumber is no less significant to the arena of gaming because of it. Indeed the release marks the day the Wii U became more than "that...

  • Gaming 3.5 out of 5

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist review

    By 27 August 2013

    From the moment the disc was sucked into our PS3 console, Splinter Cell: Blacklist did its damnedest to keep us enshrouded in the on-screen action. But far from the promise of a stealth title, Blacklist intros with the rip-roar of guns blazing in a US...

  • Gaming

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay preview: First play

    By 11 July 2013

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the latest in the Tom Clancy's franchise, continues the third-person stealth-meets-shooter series in a similar vein to the previous Conviction title. Pocket-lint got a play of Blacklist ahead of its 20 August release date. Does...

  • Gaming

    Bayonetta 2 preview: First play of Wii U exclusive

    By 17 June 2013

    Bayonetta 2 is one of those fast-paced arcade games that's borderline bonkers. The now Nintendo-only sequel to the original arcade smasher is set for launch on Wii U in 2014. Good job, as Ninty needs some of those grittier titles to grace its flagging...

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    Hands on: Pikmin 3 review

    By 16 June 2013

    For whatever reason we've got the 90s advert for Penguin chocolate bars running through our heads. "P-p-p-pick up a Pikmin," we think to ourselves - mental Freudian slip in full effect - as we pluck flower-topped, carrot-like characters out of the ground...

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    Super Mario 3D World preview: First play of Mario in 3D on Wii U

    By 14 June 2013

    Mario in 3D has been missing from the Wii U since the console's launch and fans have been pining for his return. Back when Mario 64 launched alongside the N64 all those years ago, our Italian plumber friend acquired a new status - busting out of the restrictive...