Wanadoo announce new price packages for surfers

By 16 February 2006

Wanadoo has increased its efforts to attract new customers with the announcement of three new broadband packages for UK customers. Launching from today, customers will be able to sign up to the Plus Package, Starter Package or Max Package. The Starter... >>

Wanadoo offer 8Mbps broadband to the nation

By 18 October 2005

Wanadoo has increased the speed of its basic broadband offering to 8Mb per second, however the offering won't be available to all. Following BT's announcement to roll out an 8Mbps service nationally next year, the ISP has jumped the gun and suggested... >>

Wanadoo LiveBox network box
3 out of 5

Wanadoo LiveBox network box

By 27 September 2005

Wanadoo is hoping that by sprucing up its internet router, more customers will be tempted to use the service, but is it a case of style over substance? Pocket-lint gets connected to find out. The ‘all-in-one’ solution from French ISP Wanadoo is an... >>

Wandoo ups the Broadband ante

Wandoo ups the Broadband ante

By 24 August 2004

Wanadoo is the latest company to up the ante on the broadband from. The company that was formerly Freeserve has reduced the price of its 1Mbps line to just £17.99, a price, which it believes is the cheapest deal yet from a major service provider. But... >>

Wanadoo sets its sights on wi-fi with the Livebox

Wanadoo sets its sights on wi-fi with the Livebox

By 20 July 2004

Wanadoo, formerly Freeserve, has announced the launch of a wiresless ADSL router which it is branding as the Livebox. Wanadoo is hoping that the Livebox will become the foundation for greater things in the future for it and its broadband services. In... >>