Wacom Bamboo

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    Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket pictures and hands-on

    By 19 September 2012

    The Wacom Bambook Stylus pocket has been unleashed on to the tablet-toting world for anyone who just can't get things done with their finger. It's tough to improve upon something very successful, especially when it's really just a pen with a different...

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    Wacom Bamboo Special Edition hands-on

    By 13 February 2011

    Waaaaay back in 2009 Pocket-look took a look at the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, and heck - we kinda liked it. And when we heard that the company had released a new, Special Edition version of the Bamboo (in Apple-matching sexy-silver) - well, we just...

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    Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium Graphics Tablet review

    By 18 March 2008

    If you find using a mouse a little awkward and less than natural, a good alternative is to use a graphics tablet as the pen allows you to work far more naturally than a mouse ever can. This latest version from Wacom is an entry-level device that lacks...