Viewsonic V350

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    ViewSonic V350 review

    By 9 December 2011

    The number of people with two phones in the UK is quite significant. When you factor in business users, drug dealers and people who are having affairs, it's probably a decent chunk of the market. Those people would all benefit from having a phone with...

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    Viewsonic V350 dual-SIM phone design changed, we go hands-on

    By 30 May 2011

    We’ve already had our hands on the dual-SIM touting Viewsonic V350 smartphone back at Mobile World Congress in February, but gosh a lot’s happened since then. Going back to the drawing board, presumably because it wasn’t happy with the first design, Viewsonic has...

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    Viewsonic V350 hands-on

    By 18 February 2011

    The ViewSonic is a dual-SIM phone designed for people that want two phone numbers in one phone. Before you start to scratch your head as to why you might want this, there are a number of reasons. The biggest one we can see, is that you can keep you regular...