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  • Cameras

    Hands-on: Panasonic Lumix GH4 review

    By 10 March 2014

    Ahead of the curve - that’s the phrase that first sprang to mind when we saw an early version of the Panasonic Lumix GH4. This consumer compact system camera is the first to deliver 4K video, the Ultra HD format that’s going to be the next big thing....

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Manfrotto Klyp case for iPhone review

    By 25 November 2013

    We all know that a lot of people use their iPhone for shooting video. The Apple smartphone's camera is one of the best on the market and when you add in the slow-mo feature on the iPhone 5S it's hard to beat from a smartphone. The trouble with all smartphones,...

  • Phones

    Sony Xperia U pictures and hands-on

    By 26 February 2012

    Sony has announced the Sony Xperia U, a third handset to complement the newly launched Sony Xperia P and the flagship model, the Xperia S. The smallest of all three handsets, the Xperia U will come with a 3.5-inch reality display touchscreen, 1Ghz dual...

  • Home Cinema

    Sky Go for Android video, pictures and hands-on

    By 20 February 2012

    Sky has released an Android version of its Sky Go app allowing some Android smartphone owners to turn their phone in to TV. We've grabbed a Samsung Galaxy S II downloaded the app, and plugged in our details to check it out. Sky Go Android is free,...

  • Apps

    APP OF THE DAY: Vimeo review (Windows Phone 7)

    By 6 February 2012

    While YouTube might boast the bigger audience, there is no denying that the videos on Vimeo are, how shall we put this, more crafted. Vimeo has released its Windows Phone 7 app, something that Google's YouTube has still failed to do, offering a host of...

  • Gaming

    Snake '97 pictures, video and hands-on

    By 27 January 2012

    Remember back to your first phone, the Nokia that you no doubt owned, and the game that you used to play over and over again? Yep that's right, for Windows Phone 7 users Nokia Snake from 1997 is back. Simply called Snake '97 the 79p app in the Windows...

  • Cars

    Kia GT Concept pictures and hands-on, with video

    By 16 September 2011

    Still think Kia is a value brand you buy just for its long warranty? Think again, that time has long gone. Kia now has some of the most impressive production car designs on the road (thanks to former Audi design boss, Peter Schreyer for that) and at this...

  • Cars

    Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept pictures and hands-on, with video

    By 16 September 2011

    The F125 (so named because Mercedes is 125 years old this year) is a riotous celebration of the latest display technologies. Not content with connecting the car to the cloud, meaning that you can either send or grab your personal content on the move,...

  • Cameras

    Chilli Technology Watch Cam hands-on (literally)

    By 13 December 2010

    Recording secret footage of illicit meetings is all the rage at the moment. Whether it's catching a FIFA official accepting "gifts" or just filming a random stranger putting a cat in a bin, there's something to be said about capturing moments that people...