TVonics DTR-HD500


TVonics tunes in BBC iPlayer support

TVonics tunes in BBC iPlayer support

By 26 August 2011

We at Pocket-lint are big fans of TVonics, especially its Z500HD, which earned the coveted Pocket-lint "Hot Product" tag when we reviewed it earlier this year. We're also massive fans of the BBC iPlayer of course, without it we'd be lost in a world without... >>

TVonics DTR-HD500   review
3.5 out of 5

TVonics DTR-HD500 review

By 14 October 2010

Freeview HD is perfect for those who want high-def and can’t stomach paying subscriptions, but we’d all rather a Sky+ experience, wouldn’t we? In the rush to bring out Freeview HD recorders, summer 2010 saw some less-than-brilliant efforts, most... >>