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    SuitSuit Case - Washing Machine pictures and hands-on

    By 17 October 2012

    Travelling abroad is a constant part of being a Pocket-linter. From the numerous global gadget and home entertainment technology trade shows to product launches and remote briefings (remotely placed rather than about universal remote controls), we attend...

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    Fly through the airport with Samsonite scooter luggage

    By 5 July 2011

    Anybody that finds themselves in an airport regularly will tell you that getting from the plane to baggage claim can be a fair old schlep sometimes. Whether it’s Heathrow Terminal 5, Schiphol or Chicago O’Hare, having to walk all that way is a pain....

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    Balanzza Ergo digital luggage scale review

    By 26 January 2009

    There is nothing worse than getting to the airport to find that your bag is overweight and you've got to shed some pounds to make the cut. One gadget hopes to stop the problem of you showing the world your knickers by allowing you to easily weigh your...