Toy Story 3

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  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    Toy Story 3: The Video Game - PS3 review

    By 16 July 2010

    It's a shame that some of the best family films of all time have inspired some of the worst family games, and up 'til now that's been the case with the games of Pixar's films. Even the best have been mediocre, generic platformers, while the worst ......

  • Gaming 0 out of 5

    First Look: Toy Story 3 - Xbox 360 review

    By 27 May 2010

    The groan omitted by video gamers when a title is announced to support a Hollywood film can usually be measured on the Richter Scale. But it's a brow-wiping relief to say that they'll be no such reaction for Toy Story 3 when it arrives on consoles and...