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    Tomb Raider (2013) review

    By 25 February 2013

    Tomb Raider has, by the very premise of its name, always roused the excited kid in us. And we don't mean because of the game's female protagonist, Lara Croft. Well, not entirely. No, there's something very Indiana Jones about adventure, treasure hunting...

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    Tomb Raider limited edition Xbox 360 controller pictures and hands-on

    By 14 February 2013

    All things Tomb Raider seem to be taking over on the approach to the game's release date on 5 March. As well as three hours of hands-on time with the final game, Pocket-lint has also got our mitts on the limited edition Xbox 360 Tomb Raider control pad....

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    Tomb Raider hands-on preview: The first three hours of play

    By 14 February 2013

    It's been five years since Lara Croft last occupied our screens - just enough of a hiatus to give the Tomb Raider franchise a much needed break and turn the game on its head. We don't just mean figuratively either: the latest Tomb Raider opens with our...

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    Tomb Raider preview (hands-on, screens and gameplay video)

    By 11 June 2012

    An all new outing for Lara Croft has been on our radar for a while now - since E3 2011, in fact - but we've never had such an in-depth look at the prequel/reboot as we were treated to at this year's show. The forthcoming Tomb Raider - a return to the...

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    E3 Quick Play: Tomb Raider

    By 15 June 2011

    Lara croft is back and about to get the same treatment as Batman – a reboot, but can you bare to wait it out, should you wait it out, or will it all be dashed at the last hurdle. While we can’t answer all those questions, we can tell you what we think...