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    Xbox One Titanfall controller pictures and hands-on

    By 14 March 2014

    Titanfall has been one of the most eagerly anticipated titles for the Xbox One, launching on 11 March in the US and 14 March in Europe. To commemorate the launch, Respawn Entertainment and EA teamed up with Microsoft to produce a special limited edition...

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    Titanfall review

    By 14 March 2014

    And so the second wave of next-generation games starts with what is unarguably the most talked about title since its first showing at E3 in Los Angeles last June. Titanfall was Microsoft’s "one more thing" during its Xbox One press conference, even...

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    Titanfall preview: First play of Beta - Attrition, Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing modes (video)

    By 12 February 2014

    Behold the game of 2014. Titanfall has been lauded by eager praise ever since its non-playable debut during the E3 trade show last June. And with each public outing since, the admiration has grown ever larger by those who have been lucky enough to...

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    Titanfall Gamescom 2013 preview: We finally get a chance to go hands-on

    By 21 August 2013

    At every video games exhibition or conference there is always a game that is like Breaking Bad, in that those who have seen it won't shut up about it. At Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, that game is Titanfall. While it was officially announced at E3...

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    Titanfall gameplay preview

    By 18 June 2013

    If this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles made one thing clear it's that we've got some serious first person shooters in the pipeline. Titanfall looks to be one such title. We looked on as hours-long queues built up around the EA stand on the show...