Reviews & hands-on

  • Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Thomson TopUpTV PVR review

    By 20 April 2007

    Despite a degree of what we’d loosely called "innovation" in the PVR market, none has bettered the convenience and usability of Sky+. So straightforward is the Sky control system it’s difficult to imagine a more effective way to view, record and browse...

  • Audio 4 out of 5

    RCA LYRA 2780 Portable Media Centre review

    By 15 March 2005

    The LYRA.2780 Media player from RCA, while not as well known as the latest models from Creative or iriver is certainly going to be one of the first players you’ll see when you walk into any Dixons store in the UK. So does the player with its unknown...

  • Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Thomson DHD4000 Freeview Decoder review

    By 19 October 2004

    Contrary to the spin on the web, this long expected Freeview receiver is indeed the twin tuner version that was expected. Despite some last minute rumour-mongering, the twin tuner hard drive Freeview box from Thomson is everything you've been hoping for....