The Last of Us

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    The Last of Us review

    By 5 June 2013

    Can you remember the first time you turned on your PS3? We can. It was to play Formula One Championship Edition. Firing it up, our minds were immediately blown by just how good it looked. The PlayStation 3 has come a long way since then, with games like...

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    Hands-on: The Last of Us preview: Two cities explored in the hottest PS3 game of the year

    By 17 May 2013

    The Last of Us is the latest PS3 exclusive game from Naughty Dog, the creators of the Uncharted series. It tells the story of Joel, a hardened man who has seen some action and Ellie a 14-year-old girl, who band together in a zombie-invested America to...

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    The Last of Us preview (pictures, hands-on, screens and video)

    By 12 June 2012

    Naughty Dog, the developer behind PS3 smash hit Uncharted, has shown off the latest game it is working on: The Last of Us. The game sees you play middle-aged Joel, accompanied by a younger girl Ellie, travelling across America trying to avoid those who...