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  • Audio 4 out of 5

    Teufel Concept E 200 5.1 speaker system review

    By 16 April 2009

    Teufel are newcomers to the UK, enjoying more of a following with our European neighbours. The Concept E range covers a number of options for those looking for a set of speakers. The Concept E 200 is a 5.1 amplified set. But is this the answer to your...

  • Audio 4 out of 5

    Teufel Decoderstation 3 digital decoder review

    By 14 April 2009

    The Teufel Decoderstation 3 is, as the name suggests, a standalone Dolby Digital and DTS decoder. Principally designed to add digital decoder functions to Teufel's range of Concept speakers, there is no reason why you couldn't add it existing powered...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Teufel AC 9050 PH headphones review

    By 5 March 2009

    A decent pair of in-ear bud ‘phones would be our weapon of choice for portable music players and mobile phones, but if you’re enjoying tunes in the home or playing games, you can’t beat a set of over-ear cans. Teufel has just launched a set at this...