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    SwiftKey Note review

    By 30 January 2014

    "I am writing this using SwiftKey on the iPad mini." Yes, you read that correctly - SwiftKey on an Apple device. If you’re wondering how the predictive keyboard software has made its way from Android to Apple, then, no, it's not magic. SwiftKey Note,...

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    Swiftkey 4.3 Layouts for Living beta hands-on: Fighting the phablet finger problem

    By 17 October 2013

    SwiftKey is one of the most popular apps around, delivering a clever keyboard for your Android device that will predict your next word, giving you nice fast entry speeds, cloud back-up for your language profile, and a lot more. We've seen SwiftKey bundling...

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    App of the day: Swype review (Android)

    By 24 April 2013

    The keyboard is the most important interaction point of any smartphone. The efficiency of your keyboard defines your productivity. Whether you're replying to emails, or chatting on WhatsApp, having a smart keyboard is critical. One of the strengths of...

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    SwiftKey Flow Beta goes live, we go hands-on

    By 6 December 2012

    SwiftKey is our top choice when it comes to third-party Android keyboards. The latest instalment of the top-selling Android app is called SwiftKey Flow, and brings trace entry to the smart keyboard. The SwiftKey Flow Beta has just gone live for those...

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    App of the day: Swiftkey Beta X review (Android)

    By 31 May 2011

    TouchType, the company behind Android keyboard app SwiftKey, has released a new version – SwiftKey X Beta - that promises to let you type even faster. But can the promise be true? We've been playing with the new app on our Samsung Galaxy S II for the...

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    Fluency 2 - the next evolution of SwiftKey

    By 11 February 2011

    TouchType will be demoing the next generation of its SwiftKey Android keyboard software in Barcelona at MWC 2011. Pocket-lint has had wind of this for a little while. What we know now as fact is that the app, possibly under the name Fluency 2 to reflect...

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    INQ Cloud Touch: Android at its core, Facebook in its heart

    By 9 February 2011

    The INQ Cloud Touch, the Facebook-centric Android phone has now been confirmed, putting to rest a rumour trail as long as Facebook’s reach. Moving its new line of mobile phones over to Google’s Android OS, the INQ Cloud Touch is what all the rumours...

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    APP OF THE DAY: SwiftKey (Android)

    By 24 September 2010

    When of the great things with Android is that, apart from the four hard keys, you're not stuck with anything. Anyone who's ever typed a message on a Google mobile phone will know that the soft keyboard is ok. It's not great. It's ok, and, in fact, the...