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    Hands-on: FiftyThree Pencil review

    By 3 March 2014

    Paper by FiftyThree is a beautiful app that allows you to draw to your heart's content on the iPad with little interference. Now the company behind the app has created a dedicated stylus for its users to get the most out of the experience. We've been...

  • Tablets 3.5 out of 5

    Ten One Design Pogo Connect review

    By 17 April 2013

    Stylus' for your iPad are two a penny. They normally consist of a metal or plastic rod with a rubberised tip on the end to let you draw on your iPad screen like you would a notepad, while at the same time convincing the iPad that it is in fact your finger...

  • Online

    Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket pictures and hands-on

    By 19 September 2012

    The Wacom Bambook Stylus pocket has been unleashed on to the tablet-toting world for anyone who just can't get things done with their finger. It's tough to improve upon something very successful, especially when it's really just a pen with a different...