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  • Adidas Champions League balls galore
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    Adidas Champions League balls galore

    By 14 August 2006

    Do doubt those regular readers of Pocket-lint will be familiar with the balls of Adidas. We saw the World Cup ball (the +teamgeist), and the media furore that surrounded it - less seams, more rounded, lighter, friend of the striker, enemy of the keeper,...

  • Casio Pro Trek and Sea Pathfinder watches
    Sports Fitness

    Casio Pro Trek and Sea Pathfinder watches

    By 31 July 2006

    Solar power, triple sensor PRO TREK: This new edition to the PRO TREK range is an essential piece of equipment for those who love the outdoors or have an interest in outdoor pursuits. This watch is powered by a tough solar power system which eliminates...

  • Running free with Salomon’s Packvest
    Sports Fitness

    Running free with Salomon’s Packvest

    By 20 July 2006

    With temperatures going silly, runners everywhere are trying to figure out how to carry enough fluid to put in a decent run. Camelbak have long been a presence on the running scene, offering a number of options, from big to small, from backpacks to bumbags....

  • Hit the water with Pumpabike
    Sports Fitness

    Hit the water with Pumpabike

    By 19 July 2006

    With the UK gripped by a heatwave, what better way to cool off by hitting the beach? Hitting the beach with a Pumpabike, of course. Pumpabike is a “human powered hydrofoil” and is unlike anything we have seen before. The basic principle of the device...

  • Cyclaire Inflator pump review
    Sports Fitness 4 out of 5

    Cyclaire Inflator pump review

    By 15 July 2006

    Having created the Cyclaire bicycle pump, the company behind the innovative pump that sees you pulling air rather than pushing it, has moved on to bigger and better things, mainly the creation of a pump that will allow you to blow up anything else in...

  • Ajungilak D-Lux Pump Mat airbed:  65 per cent smaller pack
    Sports Fitness

    Ajungilak D-Lux Pump Mat airbed: 65 per cent smaller pack

    By 11 July 2006

    Ajungilak’s D-Lux Pump Mat is a world first. It’s more packable and, thanks to its uniquely placed footpump, eliminates the need for any oral blowing of air drastically reducing the risk of ice developing on the inside of the mat. Uniquely a foot-pump...

  • Suunto new heart rate monitors go POD crazy
    Sports Fitness

    Suunto new heart rate monitors go POD crazy

    By 6 July 2006

    Suunto are proundly announcing their new range of heart rate monitors from the t-series. The t-series offers a range of monitors to suit all users needs, from the recreational to the professional. The website even lets you answer a series of logical questions...

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    Burton Snowboards hit the waves with Channel Islands Surfboards

    By 4 July 2006

    Channel Islands Surfboards' Al Merrick today announced that the company has been acquired by Burton Snowboards. The founders of each company, Al Merrick and Jake Burton Carpenter, forged an agreement over the fact that they share a similar mindset and...

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    Camping, but not as we know it in a solar-powered tent

    By 3 July 2006

    It seems that camping is getting just too modern. No longer is a rough night lying face down in the mud enough - oh no. Campers now want it all. Woods have come up with the Solar Powered EZ-Tent, which if you hadn't guessed from the name, is a tent incorporating...

  • More balls from adidas - 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup
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    More balls from adidas - 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup

    By 28 June 2006

    Women’s football is on the rise world-wide, in participation, commercial involvement and viewing figures. FIFA and adidas, the global leader in football, are firmly committed to contribute to the further development of this beautiful sport wherever...

  • Adidas World Cup football goes on sale in the UK
    Sports Fitness

    Adidas World Cup football goes on sale in the UK

    By 11 June 2006

    Football fans wanting to re-enact that Beckham free kick on Saturday or other swerving long-range shots as seen in the first couple of games of the World Cup in Germany will be pleased to hear that Adidas has made the official Match Ball of the 2006 FIFA...

  • Lay-z-Spa offers portability with its inflatable hot tub

    Lay-z-Spa offers portability with its inflatable hot tub

    By 5 June 2006

    When you think of an outdoor spa, the first thing that springs to mind is probably not portability. Lay-z-Spa is out to change that with its all new inflatable hot tub. The 4-person spa holds 230 gallons of water, and features an Air Massage System (as...

  • Pink Serfas pump for girly cyclists

    Pink Serfas pump for girly cyclists

    By 24 May 2006

    Girls like cycling, and some like it a little too much. Some are so serious about it, they scare their male counterparts. Not only scare, but also sometimes beat. The biggest complaint, it seems, from female cyclists, is the lack of colour options when...

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    Rip Curl launches all-girls Learn To Surf Days

    By 18 May 2006

    Since 2002, world leading surf brand, Rip Curl has introduced over 10,000 girls across Europe to surfing and the beach lifestyle with their Girls Go Surfing programme. Building on the hugely popular pan-European Learn to Surf initiative, Rip Curl is back...

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    Vaude Aracanda 30 - waterproof!

    By 5 May 2006

    Vaude launches the first backpack to be manufactured using the innovative processing standard Ultra Seam Tech: the Aracanda 30. It is manufactured using the latest thermal seam closure methods instead of standard needle and thread stitching. Completely...

  • iBikeMount iPod nano holder for bicycles

    iBikeMount iPod nano holder for bicycles

    By 3 May 2006

    iBikeMount quickly and securely mounts the iPod nano to handlebars of bicycles, exercise machines, strollers and more to make listening on the move simple and enjoyable. The new mount eliminates the inconvenience of digging the iPod out of a pocket, removing...

  • Golfers Ballfinder Scout to find lost golf balls
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    Golfers Ballfinder Scout to find lost golf balls

    By 26 April 2006

    Golfers will soon be able to find their lost balls in the rough with the help of the Ballfinder Scout, a new electronic golf innovation designed to locate lost golf balls. The gadget works by using digital imaging technology to locate the white on all...

  • FIFA World Cup final uses adidas Golden Ball
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    FIFA World Cup final uses adidas Golden Ball

    By 18 April 2006

    The adidas "+Teamgeist Berlin", the match ball especially produced for the final game in Berlin on July 9th, has been officially unveiled by the President of the World Cup Organizing Committee, Franz Beckenbauer, at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The...

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    Carry on Camping: cool camping - again

    By 18 April 2006

    Easter is a funny time. Whilst on one hand we are told how significant it is in the Christian calendar, on the other, we all generally ignore it, in favour of DIY, racing to the coast or, it seems, camping. Over the Easter weekend a strange thing happened...

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    Timex changes face - on their Ironman range

    By 11 April 2006

    In 1986, Timex introduced the first multi-function, performance sport watch. That watch, the Timex Ironman Triathlon, quickly became the best-selling sport timepiece in the world and, through constant innovation and design refinements, has remained so...

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    Football's coming home - literally

    By 6 April 2006

    With the World Cup rapidly approaching, every man will be planning to march down to the local boozer to roar on the England heroes in full furore. But wait, what's that? Something to stay home for? Girls. Yes, potentially the bane of a decent session...

  • Ted Baker goes camp
    Sports Fitness

    Ted Baker goes camp

    By 3 April 2006

    Walk into any department store, and you'll probably find Ted Baker lurking in some corner - not the man: the designer label. Now Ted has decided to camp things up a bit. Endurance is emblazoned all over a whole range of Ted Baker clothing. I've always...

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    Gore redefines the notion of comfort for outdoor activities

    By 30 March 2006

    Gore-Tex has always been recognised as a market leader in outdoor fabrics, providing protection from the elements with breathability. New Comfort Mapping technology builds on that reputation, with the needs of different parts of the body catered for with...

  • Music on the run with JanSport
    Sports Fitness

    Music on the run with JanSport

    By 28 March 2006

    JanSport, one of the oldest names in rucksacks, have launched the Indie Tech rucksack. The rucksack is not only perfect to transport your kit to and from the race, but is made from a lightweight fabric which means you can wear it during training. The...

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    New mountain bike trail for Grizedale Forest

    By 13 March 2006

    A new mountain bike trail for Grizedale Forest has been built thanks to sponsorship from The North Face and Rural Regeneration Cumbria. Starting at the Visitor Centre in Grizedale Forest the new North Face Mountain Bike Trail is a 10 mile track consisting...