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  • Audio

    Panasonic ALL multi-room speakers pictures and first listen

    By 26 March 2014

    Panasonic announced a new line-up of wireless multi-room speakers at CES 2014 and confirmed that they will be available in Europe at the Panasonic Convention 2014 in Amsterdam this week.  The multi-room speaker system - called ALL - comprises of a number...

  • Home Cinema 4.5 out of 5

    Denon DHT-T100 review

    By 3 March 2014

    Speaker bases have appeared from all corners recently, their purpose to offer an upgrade over your TV's built-in speakers but without the need for a full speaker setup or soundbar. Denon's DHT-T100 offering lives directly under the TV to keep it tucked...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Stelle Audio Pillar review

    By 15 January 2014

    The Stelle Audio Pillar certainly proves that Bluetooth speakers needn’t be small, plasticky pieces of kit with mediocre sound. This pillar-shaped speaker not only looks the part, the premium build of the device also kicks out the audio with gusto....

  • Audio 4 out of 5

    Libratone Loop review

    By 20 December 2013

    We’ve had something of a love-hate relationship with the Libratone Loop. This circular-fronted speaker has a distinctive, quirky design and - even though we’ve ended up with the grey finish for review instead of one of the more exciting colour options...

  • Audio

    Hands-on: Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 review

    By 16 December 2013

    Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, but if you’re looking for a slice of audio product hot stuff to adorn your bookshelf or desk then British manufacturer Bayan Audio might have just the ticket in the Soundbook X3. The name is a clue to the product’s...

  • Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Onkyo LS-T10 review

    By 13 December 2013

    One of the emerging trends of 2013 has been the speaker base. They've appeared from all quarters - including Onkyo, here with the LS-T10 - looking to resolve that issue of poor TV sound, but without treading down the full AV receiver and surround sound...

  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Pure Jongo T6 review

    By 8 November 2013

    Pure is all about wireless audio, and that’s what the alleged "room-filling" - not literally, just with audio of course - Pure Jongo T6 is all about. In a world where we’re connected to the cloud, where smart devices come with Bluetooth, and where...

  • Audio 5 out of 5

    Sonos Play:1 review

    By 14 October 2013

    Sonos, the wireless digital audio solution, offers great audio solutions for the home - but it's also been a bit of a rich man's game. Or it has been until now, as the Sonos Play:1 is a step towards changing that. A typical Sonos system starts at over...

  • Audio

    Marshall Stanmore compact active stereo speaker system rocks our ears

    By 7 September 2013

    Some things are done best in Britain. Marshall amplifiers are a long-standing Brit brand with a strong rock association. But now the company is heading away from the stage and into the compact space with its Stanmore active stereo speaker. The Stanmore...

  • Phones

    HTC BoomBass hands-on: Bringing bass to BoomSound

    By 3 September 2013

    Whether it's the front-facing speakers of the HTC One, or the tie-in with Beats Audio, HTC always prides itself on producing a good sound on its phones when it comes to listening to music. It's surprising then that we recently found ourselves in a private...

  • Audio

    Oregon Scientific Boombero pictures and hands-on: Step up smartphone audio without the wires

    By 23 July 2013

    Boombero is a portable mini speaker which - when we first saw one at a festival during the summer - we were rather impressed with. Even though the iPhone doesn't have NFC (near field communication) like some of its competitors, the Boombero is a halfway-house...

  • Audio 5 out of 5

    Ultimate Ears UE Boom review

    By 8 July 2013

    Ultimate Ears - the company probably best known for its on-stage, in-ear monitors and more recent consumer headphones - has released its first Bluetooth speaker to the market: UE Boom. The near-cylindrical speaker looks the part thanks to its selection...

  • Audio

    Hands-on: Bose SoundLink Mini review

    By 4 June 2013

    It's been more than 18 months since Bose launched its SoundLink wireless Bluetooth speaker and the audio market has shifted since, to devices that are even more portable than that classic, radio-looking device. That's why the company has been busy beavering...

  • Audio

    Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 first listen: pictures and hands-on

    By 16 May 2013

    When a surround sound system costs as much as a TV it's got to be pretty special. One glance at the £2,495 Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 - linked up to the BeoVision 11 TV for our first listen - and it's definitely got the designer style box ticked. The aesthetic...

  • Audio

    Hands-on: Native Union Switch portable Bluetooth speaker review

    By 15 April 2013

    The portable speaker market is rapidly becoming a packed one, with plenty of choice for those who want to play their tunes without having to dock their smartphone or tablet device. Beats by Dr Dre has recently added its Pill speaker to the mix, and Jawbone...