Sony Vaio Tap 20

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  • Laptops 3.5 out of 5

    Sony Vaio Tap 20 all-in-one touchscreen PC review

    By 16 January 2013

    With Windows 8's touch-capable interface now fully launched it was inevitable that we'd see all manner of touchscreen devices appear, from the obvious to the more unusual. The Sony Vaio Tap 20 is one that's knocking firmly on the latter door. Hidden behind...

  • Laptops

    Sony VAIO Tap 20 touchscreen PC pictures and hands-on

    By 30 August 2012

    Sony is crossing genres with its 20-inch VAIO Tap 20. Part PC, part giant tablet, this Windows 8 touchscreen device touts itself as one for the whole family. Pocket-lint was at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, to have a hands-on test with this mega tablet....