Sony Tablet P

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    Sony Tablet P review

    By 16 December 2011

    Tablets, like smartphones, are ten a penny now. You can get a rubbish one for £80, or a really great one for £400. They usually all look pretty much the same, are mostly either about 10- or 7-inches in size and are mostly comprised of a screen. The...

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    Sony Tablet P pictures and hands-on

    By 1 September 2011

    While the Tablet S sports a "folded magazine" design, the clamshell design of the Tablet P is likely to be more controversial. The fact that the Tablet P comes equipped with 3G as standard and not an option is a clear indicator of exactly where Sony sees...

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    Sony S1 and S2 shown in London

    By 14 July 2011

    The Sony S1 and S2 Android Honeycomb tablets have broken cover in London albeit still behind the safety of a thick, nailed down glass case. The two, currently software-less, prototypes have made their first UK appearance giving some clue as to what their...