Sony Reader Touch Edition

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    Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch review

    By 5 November 2010

    The Sony Reader Touch edition has seen a significant update from the PRS-600 model we reviewed in 2009. The new version, the PRS-650, has addressed a number of criticisms we fired at its predecessor. So comfortable is Sony with its touch readers that...

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    First Look: Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch review

    By 9 September 2010

    Are you looking for our full review of the Sony PRS-650 Reader Touch edition? If so, you can find it here. Sony have updated their two readers - the Touch and Pocket editions, looking to cash in on 2010 Christmas lists. Announced at IFA recently, where...

  • Gadgets 3.5 out of 5

    Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition ebook review

    By 2 December 2009

    Sony's Touch Edition Reader, the PRS-600, looks to answer a lot of questions and push ebooks to a wider audience. Adding touch interaction and the ability to highlight and scribble notes on your books means it is likely to appeal to students and researchers....

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    Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition ebook - First Look review

    By 26 August 2009

    Announced at the beginning of August, Sony has now officially launched the Sony Reader Touch Edition ebook at an event at the New York Public Library and at the British Library in London. Pocket-lint was on hand to grab a quick hands-on play with the...