Sony MDR-1R

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  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Sony MDR-1RNC noise cancelling over-ear headphones review

    By 5 February 2013

    We've had the Sony MDR-1RNC noise cancelling over-ear headphones in the Pocket-lint offices for weeks now and have been using them non-stop - while at work, when commuting, out on the streets and at home. We already had a lot of love to give to the baby...

  • Audio 5 out of 5

    Sony MDR-1R 'prestige headphones' review

    By 14 November 2012

    When a company sticks its neck out to brand its headphones as "prestigious" it's got to be pretty confident that they deliver in both the style and sound departments. The Sony MDR-1R over-ear headphones sure do look suave in their brown and silver makeup,...

  • Online

    Sony MDR-1R over-ear headphones range pictures and hands-on

    By 29 August 2012

    Sony's already well known for its variety of headphones, but its latest MDR range looks to swing its weight in the premium consumer category. Introducing the MDR-1R series... In the basement of a London meet, Pocket-lint had the opportunity to try out...